Atlantis eFork decentralized & anonymous mediation for startups

driven by the steadily growing success of the Ethereum Classic Blockchain, to open the door for new innovations and to ensure a successful future. a very first and daring move of this kind of a project on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain to create financial possibilities for new startups.

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nowadays, creativity and ingenuity are worth nothing unless you can implement them or make them scarce

we all know how difficult it´s to realize ideas. whether it's a tiny one or a big deal, it doesn´t matter unless you have the right resources for it. the first and most important thing is that somebody have to learn about your idea, you have to assert your voice! at today's circumstances for a small and unknown "nobody" it´s almost impossible to have the required funds certified on the basis of existing credit rating. even in your own family and in your closest circle of friends you will not get any attention as everyone pursues his own goals and in the end it all goes the same way. most of the projects of the Ethereum Classic Blockchain didn´t have multi million dollar ico´s or fund raisings like projects of the Ethereum Blockchain and therefore they couldn´t reimburse their teams accordingly, yes they have always delivered but it certainly wasn´t easy to keep a team together that you can´t really remunerate. many teams have been dissolved or projects dropped, so literally the dreams have gone down the drain, unfortunately. we would like to change this at last through the upcoming Ethereum Classic Blockchain hard fork and we want to do something right from the very beginning and not only offer a chance to innovative ideas, rather to enable and achieve goals. continue to support the ethereum classic blockchain with all possible options and not only to help future projects, we will firmly leave them all to the market and bind them to further strengthen the Ethereum Classic Blockchain and make it one of the strongest maybe the strongest network ever. *notice this project has NOTHING to do with the Ethereum Classic Blockchain Hard Fork in September 2019 and is an absolutely untied project, which serves purely for the growth of the Ethereum Classic Blockchain **notice: this project serves the growth of the Ethereum Classic Network in detail and is a pure information exchange platform. the operator(s) do not manage this project as an enrichment of profits and not as an increase in sales, there will be no financial advantages of its own and all proceeds are put back into the project to ensure that the Ethereum Classic Network grows and the community can expand accordingly. we do not take any responsibility for finances. this website and its shown content is for the pure conveyance of information or the disclosure of information. the operator of this website does not assume any responsibility for financial branches.

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where ideas become future

our process

in the most pleasant way

sending information about your idea to our interested networks

organizing private or anonymous meetings with interested

help to manage a translator if needed (we provide contacts)


comprehensive market analysis based on competitive products which makes our goals clearer and future-oriented

if necessary travel expenses there are no costs to be charged or billed afterwards, interested will assume all accommodation and travel costs

interested are centralconstant, individuals, publicly traded, companies, home family offices, high-net-worth individuals


to secure our future as well

in order to keep our project alive and to give your dreams endless support, we have created our own life-sustaining ecosystem


based on the erc223 smart contract standard our Atlantis eFork Token serves as the mainstay of our project.


reinforcement of upcoming and ongoing projects which will continue to drive the strength of eFork.

fair distribution and dissemination

healthy and fair development are the prerequisites for all organisms. therefore we insist to stay on decentralized places to prevent manipulation and fraud against our very important eco-system. for this reason we prefer the very reliable and secured saturn-protocol.

we are constantly searching for talented teams and special projects

dare and go


Q2 2019

* development of idea * development of prototype

Q3 2019

* contractually secured * development of Atlantis eFork Token erc223 Ethereum Classic smart contract * development and release of project webpage

Q4 2019

* funding round public sale via launchpad IDEO [initial decentralized exchange offering] * Atlantis eFork Token exchange listing * development and release of company mvp for market research

Q1 2020

* development of company and user beta of market research * demographic targeting and market research tools * business and strategy development

Q2 2020

* production version tech planning * private release of company and user beta * development of ai/deep learning for online reviews

Q3 2020

* architecture for p2p data exchange protocol * partnerships for market research * implementation of ai/deep learning for online reviews

Q4 2020

* production version tech development * launch and growth



a worldwide network consisting of experience, determination, accuracy, commitment, understanding, disciplines and utmost discretion will support you in all your target-related needs, recommend you, pass on and take care of you, free of charge.


“if you don't get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don't want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can't hold on to it forever. Your mind is your predicament. It wants to be free of change. Free of pain, free of the obligations of life and death. But change is law and no amount of pretending will alter that reality.”


an ethereum classic special project

together we will make etc big again !

upcoming projects


1st Ethereum Classic CryptoMarket & Airdrop Research Platform. Explore your favorite Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, Airdrops, Exchanges & current Market Values of your Ethereum Classic Assets.

etcbuy multinational e-commerce consumer-to-consumer sales

online auction and shopping website in which people from all over the world can buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services via Ethereum Classic !

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to keep your tokens safe

  • mobile + desktop solution

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